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Are you ready to learn Korean from the beginning?
You can take advantage of our Basic Set and study more efficiently!
The set includes : Korean For All, Korean Writing For All, and Flashcards set
Also, you get the notebook for FREE!
(The original cost of items worth over 100USD)

Is this your first time learning Korean?

Are you fascinated by/interested in K-Pop, K-Food and K-Culture?

From the Korean alphabet to basic grammar, reading materials about Korean culture and quizzes to test your knowledge,

the Korean for All textbook has it all!

If you wish to be able to communicate with Koreans (to any degree), Korean for All serves as a guide for the first steps to getting to know Korean language and culture.

It’s easy and fun to learn Korean with our textbook! Throughout the book, eight characters of different nationalities will help you learn Korean.

The basic principles of Hangeul are explained step by step, as well as the origin of the alphabet, the Korean consonants and vowels and the particular endings that are part of Hangeul.


The textbook focuses on natural and practical communication through daily conversations.


To develop fundamental vocabulary skills based on dialogue, most of the words and expressions chosen are explained clearly and systematically.


Grasp the characteristics of Hangeul in each unit and build your own sentences.

Practice reading and writing to the point where your Korean alphabet skills are perfect.


Through repetitive learning, you can easily master the principles of the Korean language. In support of that, you are given a variety of tasks and activities to integrate various communication strategies.

To minimize difficulties that may be experienced in the early stages of learning Korean,

we provide a wealth of visual materials such as engaging illustrations.

The textbook contains a variety of reading materials about Korean culture to further improve your general understanding of Korea.



★ To keep your motivation and interest in learning Korean

We upload free learning materials on Soo’s YouTube channel based on the book <Korean For All>.

YouTube @Soo Korean


Korean Writing for All has been devised as a companion textbook to Korean for All

with the purpose of aiding Korean language learners develop their writing skills.

Once you gain some confidence in basic conversation in Korean,

you can proceed to the next level and step up your game.

The contents have been divided into four distinct chapters.

The textbook kicks off with an in-depth introduction to

the Korean alphabet, guiding you through its origins,  as well as explaining the Korean consonants, vowels and the endings that are particular to Hangeul.

We have included extra practice sheets for you to be able to truly master writing the Korean characters.

The second section features basic Korean terms from various categories. Systematically working through the series of frequently encountered vocabulary will assist you in retaining new words.

Now that you have practiced writing individual words, it’s time to bring it all together in actual sentences. To this end, we have selected the most common Korean proverbs, to help learners develop a keener grasp of the Korean language. It is both instructive and entertaining to observe the differences between languages, with the help of these expressions.

For the final portion of the textbook, we have included a selection of inspirational sentences. The aim of the quotes is to both motivate you and provide further Korean writing practice. Practicing along with the phrases we have chosen will bring you one step closer to astounding yourself and others with your amazing Korean language skills.

The lovable S&C friends accompany you through your learning journey and so we’ve ended each section with a little treat to yourself in the form of some fun coloring pages! After having studied and practiced hard, relax and allow yourself to process all the new information by coloring in the cute S&C characters.

The moment you use your first Korean word card is all the more special.

The S&C Friends Flashcards feature 300 basic Korean words (nouns, verbs and adjectives) you need to know in order to communicate in Korean.

The cards are based on the words in the Korean for All textbook.

Purchasing the textbook and studying along with the flashcards would be the most efficient way to study Korean.

The S&C Friends Flashcards are meant to improve your vocabulary, comprehension and ability to express yourself in Korean.

For an effective way to study, memorize the terms on the front of the cards.

Through repetition and by associating the words with the illustrations, you’re bound to see progress.

The front of the card introduces the Korean term, while the back of the card has the English translation with the corresponding illustration.

Each character features different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives).

Each set also includes 8 blank cards.

These can be customized according to your desire, you can draw, write or print on them.

Sometimes, it can be more convenient to carry the cards with you, rather than a book.

Their small size and appealing design makes it easy for children to use as well. You can start learning at any age.

The cards come in a box to keep them safe and easy to handle.

Features of the S&C Friends Flashcards:

You might be asking yourself why you would need to use flashcards.

Flashcards are incredibly versatile learning tools.

By making use of our ability to retain vocabulary when linked to a visual stimulation (such as a picture),

the cards become an essential aid to your learning process.

They are a must-have item that can be used from the very beginning of your Korean learning journey up until communication becomes possible.

Why are flashcards helpful for learning?

By looking on the front side of the flashcard and attempting to guess the meaning of the term, you will be able to better understand the concept. Through the repetition of these actions, your memory is jogged which facilitates retention of vocabulary .

Easier than using a book, you can simply divide the cards into groups and study the necessary terms at any time.

Simple flashcards:

The flashcards are kept simple. Long explanations are taken away and only the essential information is included.

The card has rounded corners and is coated on both sides for safety and durability.

Various colors and illustrations:

Bright colors are used to reduce eye strain and the high-quality illustrations complete the package.

* Easy to store and carry!

The cards featuring verbs, nouns & adjectives are distinguishable according to the character drawn at the bottom center of the card.

Even if the cards are mixed, there are immediately identifiable.

Easy to organize, store and carry, you can bring them with you anywhere!

How to use the flashcards:

Draw cards randomly to create a simple story and share the story with other friends.

Write and categorize topics such as animals/food and try to classify them correctly.

You can also play Games (like in Halli Galli Style/ Blitz Game style)

Flashcard basic information

58*88, 300pcs (100 each) (100+8 blank cards)

Susu noun

Carro noun2

KP Verb & Adjective

(+ You get the notebook for FREE!)




    Heather Longfellow
    October 1, 2021
    Great for the Korean Beginner! The pace of the course is more manageable than many Korean textbooks. The bright colors and cute characters are a pleasure to see and inspire me to learn! The Flashcards are adorable and beat those boring electronic app flash card systems any day! I cannot wait to order more books from Soo and Carrots! Learning Korean is hard for English speakers - these materials definitely make it easier (and more fun!)
    Basic Set (KFA+KWFA+Flashcards) photo review
    September 9, 2021
    The delivery was done so fast that not even flash could have done better ????, jokes apart I'm loving the books, amazing service.
    May 17, 2021
    Super fast delivery from Korea to Germany (only 4 days)! Thank you, I was so happy to receive it! So so very cute, love the Design:)
    April 21, 2021
    I love this set/product!! Super fast delivery and the books and flash cards are super helpful and easy to follow along. I have definitely improved my Korean and the videos that go along with the book are superb!!! Amazing, thank you sooo much!!
    March 18, 2021
    Fast shipping super cute I’m in love with everything
    Basic Set (KFA+KWFA+Flashcards) photo review
    March 13, 2021
    I just received my S&C order, and in only a couple of days, too! Great service. The workbooks and cards are so fun and great quality. I’m looking forward to keeping track of my freehand writing progress with the notebook! Thank you for a great product!
    Laura J
    December 18, 2020
    I ordered this set soon as it was released!!!! And it arrived so faster than I expected (It only two days for me...From KOREA!!!). Thank you so much. I'm surprised by the quality of everything. It's totally worth it. I will also order the Carrot Bag when it is released. I'm already a Carrot now. Thank you again!
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