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Stationary Bag full of Specially Designed items for Carrots!
Inclusions: SuSu flush Charm, Griptok, Stickers, Carrot Pen, Reusable Cup, Notebook, Bag

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The S&C Stationary Bag brings together selected S&C friends products in one groovy package for you to use to your heart’s content. 

We want you to feel inspired to study Korean (or whatever else interests you), write down your thoughts or notes and we think that the S&C notebook serves that very purpose. Beyond its practicality, it has an appealing design to motivate you further.

It wouldn’t be a stationary haul without some sweet little stickers! The S&C friends characters are here to embellish whatever you think needs something extra: notebooks, your planner, phone case, laptop, tumbler, the possibilities are endless. You will get 5 sheets so you can make use of them without worries. 

Of course, you also need an appropriately cute looking writing tool. We’ve chosen the Carrot Pen for that very purpose! Life is too short for writing with boring pens.^^

We thought that a simple yet smart looking reusable cup would be a very useful addition to your daily outings. Worry not about waste and have your favorite drink within reach at any time. 



Our original Susu character was simply too cute not to become a proper mascot. Since it comes with a small keychain attachment, you can add it to your bag, backpack or jacket and give that little touch of whimsy and charm to your belongings. 

The S&C griptok can be quite a nifty little tool, the kind of accessory you might not have realized how much you would enjoy until you have actually tried it out. Use it to hold your phone more comfortably or as an adjustable phone stand or simply as a decorative hook.

Last of all, you will get the cute and practical S&C canvas tote bag, to carry with you wherever you may go. Be it for errands, to school or just to a meet-up with friends (yes, we will be able to do that again!), it’s a handy, adorable addition to your daily style. 


    March 23, 2021
    Hi Sandra here! So about the Carrot Bag i got, I can say one thing only..that I am absolutely happy! I mean, everything that was in the box was so nice, the books the stickers and just all of the stuff. I am a self learner and tbh Korean is not so easy to learn, especially when its just me, but i purchased this product in order to make myself understand more clearly and get better at it! I am also subscribed on their yt channel, the lectures are very nice and easy to understand, Keep it up! Also thank you for the little face mask gift! ^^
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