EU Mask Sheets Set (8ea)


-8 ea (2 for each option)

-Lacto, Collagen, Lemon, Phytoncide

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A face mask is always a good idea! Whether you are looking to treat skin issues, offer an extra level of hydration, or simply maintain a healthy, youthful and glowing skin, you will find that the EUE Healing masks suit your every need and might even exceed your expectations. 

The main nutrients that can be found in all four mask packs are the following: green tea extract, aloe vera, persimmon tree leaf extract, purslane extract and beta glucan. Be ready to get the full benefits of carefully selected, healing and hydrating ingredients that will actually make a difference for your skin. 

On top of all this goodness, each mask also boasts its own set of specific elements that target a wide range of skin issues and work as a whole to treat and pamper your skin. 

The Lacto Healing Mask- The benefits of probiotics for your skin! 

This mask contains lactobacillus and four types of grains: quinoa, oat bran, Mexican chia seeds and lentil seeds. 

All these nutrients are meant to supply nourishment and increased hydration to the skin. 


The Collagen Healing Mask- Restore elasticity and moisture to your tired skin!

This mask features hydrolyzed collagen and three types of hyaluronic acid. 

Your dry, dull skin will feel refreshed and regain its elasticity and youthfulness. 

The Lemon Healing Mask- Liven up your dull skin!

This mask counts on lemon peel oil and snail extract to revive tired skin and brighten up the complexion while providing nutrition and hydration. 

Let your skin heal as it absorbs the infusion of fresh ingredients.



The Phytoncide Healing Mask- Clear out the blemishes and enjoy the feeling of a healthy, moisturized skin.

This mask includes cypress tree extract and tea tree oil which work to calm and heal sensitive skin that has suffered and is in need of that extra level of hydration and nutrition. 

Regain appreciation for your restored, beautiful, skin.

These masks’ superior quality is certified by the Korean Food and Drug Administration and the numerous positive reviews of the satisfied customers. 

Apply the mask you have cleaned and prepped your skin with toner.

Wait for 15~20 minutes. 

Remove the mask and pat down the remaining essence gently into your skin. 


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