Korean Crosswords with New Words


Korean Crosswords with New Words

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오른쪽: Right <-> 왼쪽: Left
수박: Watermelon
호박: Pumpkin (It also means “amber”)
수영복: Swimsuit
호랑이: Tiger
지금: Now
오빠: Older brother of Female.
형: Older brother of Male
이유: Reason
복지: Welfare
짝사랑: Secret crush.
When you love someone alone, it’s 짝사랑
When both of you kinda like each other it’s 썸
사기꾼: Fraud, con artist
금사빠: Someone who fall in love so fast and easily.
It’s an abbreviation of
금방 (quickly) 사랑에 (in love) 빠지는 사람 (person who fall)
유치하다: Childish
능력있다: Capable, Professional



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