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Get a taste of Korean with the snacks we’ve selected for you. 

The following are included in the Snack Bag:


-Korean Traditional Pop Stick Barley Snack Crackers *2
-Samyang Satto Bap (Soft pop snack) 67g*1
-Orion Chocolate Biscuit Tasha Mushroom  50g *1
-Chicken Pop Snack, Seasoned Fried Chicken Flavor *1
-Lotte Choco Chaltteok (Rice cake) Pie *2
-Crown Chamssal Seongwa -Korean Rice Cracker *2
-Lotte Lollipop Ice Candy *2
-Lotte Malangcow milky chewing candy *3
-My Chew Strawberry chewy candy 44g *1
-Omija(schisandra) Tea stick *2
-Korean Citron Tea Stick *2
-Corn Silk Tea bag *2
-Maxime Korean Style mocha gold coffee mix stick *2
-Haitai Home Run Ball Choco snack 46g *1
-Crown Snack Jolly Pong Puffed Rice Snack with marshmallows 35g *1
-Ppororo Spicy Tteokbokki (Rice Cake) *1
-Ppororo Jjajang Tteokbokki (Rice Cake) *1
-Dalgona (Sugar Cookies) Candy *1
-Yogurt Jelly 83g *1
-Korean Energy Drink Jelly (Bacchus Jelly) 50g *1
-Korean Gim(Seaweed) Crab Shaped Snack 70g *1
-Nongshim Jjolbyung Snack Spicy Flavor (Ramyeon -Instant Noodle Snack) 82g *1
-Cotten Candy Gum *1


We’ve tried our best to include a diverse selection of snack kinds and tastes, as well as those with a lower allergenic potential. 

However, if you have any allergies please take extra caution.

We recommend not to order if your allergic reaction could be serious.

Most products may have been manufactured in an environment where nuts and other allergens are handled.

If you are unsure, please seek professional advice from a doctor.

We are not liable for any adverse reactions caused by consuming the snacks, food, and anything we include in the bag.

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We are delighted to share the impressive array of awesome snacks we’ve put together for you in our Snack bag!

Over 20 kinds of delicious treats are waiting to be discovered!



If you are interested in sampling some Korean snacks or are looking for something new to try, this snack bag is perfect for you. We are offering you a generous bundle of candy, chocolate, instant food, tea and much more! 

The carefully selected and curated Snack Bag is sure to bring some joy to your life.

The S&C team have focused on quality in terms of both taste and health, so we do hope you will be satisfied with our choices. 



Traditional Korean Grain Snack

Giljjugi Borigwaja (길쭉이 보리과자) is a crispy grain snack containing ‘wheat‘ and ‘barley’.

If you eat it as is, it has a crispy texture but if you crumble it into milk, it can pass as a meal (like the morning cereal). 

Chapssalseongwa (찹쌀선과) is a savory snack made of ‘rice‘ and has been la favorite of Koreans of all ages for a long time.


Sweet, salty, spicy, various snacks

사또밥 · 치킨팝 · 죠리퐁 · 꽃게랑 · 쫄병

사또밥 (Sattobap) is a sweet snack with a soft texture that melts quickly in your mouth.

치킨팝 (Chicken Pop) is a bite-sized crispy snack, with sweet and spicy chicken sauce flavour.

죠리퐁 (Jolly Pong) is a light snack that contains nutrients from roasted natural grains, with the added marshmallows to make it sweeter. It is a delicious snack you can even have as cereal by eating it with milk. 

꽃게랑 (Kkotgerang) is a special, crispy, lightly baked and salted snack with a pleasant ’seaweed’ flavor.

쫄병스낵  (Jjolbyeong Snack) is made from shredded ramen. It is a highly addictive treat with a spicy sauce and savory flavor.



The temptation of sweet chocolate

초코송이 · 홈런볼 명가 · 찰떡파이

초코송이 (Choco Songi) is a cute mushroom-shaped snack. The mushroom cap is chocolate and the crunchy stem is wheat. 

홈런볼 (Homerun Ball) is a soft textured treat filled with a sweet rich chocolate cream. It is so delicious that it’s known as the “all time favorite” snack. 

찰떡파이 (Chal Tteok Pie) is a rice cake snack, coated in chocolate as well as a chocolatey center (yay for double chocolate!). Its chewy texture might be something fun and interesting for you to discover.



Traditions and trends all in one! Sweet and sour candy.

추억의 달고나 – 롤리팝 아이스 (1 Dalgona + 2 random Ice Lollipop)

추억의 달고나 (Old-fashioned Dalgona) is a traditional candy made of melted sugar. It’s a nostalgic treat for Koreans. 

롤리팝 아이스 (Ice cream Lollipop) is has been a beloved candy for a long time. It tastes like icecream and it’s shaped like fruit. We will include two random flavors out of four possible ones: orange/strawberry, strawberry, watermelon bar and coke.



Appreciate the chewy caramel texture

마이쮸 · 푹신푹신 말랑카우 · 요구르트 젤리 · 박카스맛 젤리 · 솜사탕껌

마이쮸 (Mychew) is a strawberry-flavored caramel candy with a chewy texture. This is one of the Korean students’ favorite quick snack! (??)

말랑카우 (Mallang Cow) is a rich milky flavored candy.  Although it is chewy and soft it does not stick to your teeth. You won’t be able to stop at one. 

Yogurt Jelly is made from Pasteur yogurt, which gives this treat its sweet and sour taste. It is a hit product with over 1 million sales in only 5 months after its launch.

박카스맛 젤리 (Bacchus Jelly) is another interesting Korean jelly. Its taste is that of “Bacchus’, a Korean drink containing 3 types of taurine & vitamin B.

솜사탕껌 (Cotton Candy Gum) is a fluffy cotton candy which turns into gum when you start chewing it. It has a delicate, sweet strawberry flavor.


Have you ever heard about Korea’s national snack- Tteokbokki?

뽀로로 매콤떡볶이 · 뽀로로 짜장떡볶이

This is the essential comfort treat of Koreans. It conveniently comes in a paper cup with all the necessary ingredients packed inside. All that remains is to add hot water and enjoy a quick meal anywhere. 

The chewy, seasoned rice cakes become more savory as you chew. 

Both spicy and jjajang flavors are included. 

How to cook Tteokbokki

  1. Open the rice cake container, tear open all the packets and sauce and put them all into the cup.
  2. Pour hot water up to the indicating line.
  3. Microwave for 1 minute and 10~20 seconds. (700W / Do not close the cover)
  4. Mix well and enjoy!

Tea and coffee you can enjoy just by pouring hot water!

 고향 오미자차 꿀유자차믹스 다농원 옥수수수염차 맥심 모카골드

오미자차 (Omija Tea) is a traditional tea for modern people that is made from carefully selected high-quality Omija berries. It is a truly unique experience, as this berry gives off 5 different tastes: sour, sweet, bitter, pungent and salty. 

Honey citron tea is made with domestic citron and honey. You can feel the rich taste and aroma. 

옥수수수염차 (Cornsilk Tea) is considered a “beauty drink” in Korea and it has been loved by all generations since old times. It has a unique, wholesome flavor. 

Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee uses special Korean technology to bring together high quality coffee beans, sugar and cream. It is a sweet latte that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Snack Bag Review from Celebs:


Sending Treats with Love from Korea!!


    Yvonne Boer
    April 25, 2021
    Excellent product. Loads of delicious snacks. I love them all. Fast shipping and arriving. I’ll definitely will order it again in future. Unfortunately due own mistake I couldn’t try them literally all. Some went past expiration date. Seem I’m extremely sensitive to expired products lately I didn’t dare to eat them. Although I know I literally would love them all.
    March 18, 2021
    Such a cute bag everything looks amazing fast shipping as well
    December 28, 2020
    This snack bag was soooo amazing. There were so many yummy snacks that I hadn't tried before and some with unique flavors lol I really enjoyed the variety of products in the bag. I feel like it was a really good deal for the price and would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves snacks. 10/10 would buy again
    Alicia Jackson
    November 30, 2020
    OMG it's more than I expected. I thought it's pretty expensive cos of the shipping cost. BUT it's definitely worth it. The inclusions are way better and more than Snack Fever ones I used to subscribe. I hope you guys to keep releasing new versions!! I would definitely subscribe it! Thank U SOOOOOOOOOO much! I treated the Tea and Coffee with snacks to my parents and they also love em! I will try to make Ttteokbokki tonight. I'm sooooo excited.
    Snack Bag photo review
    November 18, 2020
    Fast shipping and I received my package in 3 days! The bag was filled to the brim with all the snacks promised in the description. Everything was packed with care and the bag itself is so cute and is of great quality. I've already opened and tried a bunch of snacks and they're all delicious! Can't wait to try the rest out! If you are looking to try some of Korea's snacks, drinks, and candy, I definitely recommend getting this Snack Bag!
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