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Place To Go In Korea 

What’s Trending in Korea?

Soo’s Korea Diary

Writing Practice

Grammar 1 

Grammar 2

Korean Expressions with Topic

Korean Crossword

Let’s Read! – Advanced Reading

Printable Stationery

Let’s Color S&C Friends!

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Soo and Carrots is launching a Workbook E-magazine.

No need to bother with postage and extra fees, waiting time and delays.

Simply click and have the workbook sent right to the download folder on your computer! 


What do you get?

The bulk of the magazine will be Korean Language Practice targeting learners

who are at an upper-beginner to intermediate level. 



Besides the Korean language learning component,

we wanted to also present readers with short articles on various topics of interest on Korean culture.

To this end, we will explore places to go in Korea (restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, shopping spots),



Korean trends (related to food, fashion, beauty), review Korean movies or dramas,

highlight Korean content creators and much more! 


We introduce Soo’s diary- in this section Soo writes a diary entry in Korean.

Based on the text, Korean terms and expressions are selected to be explained in more detail and used in example sentences. 

This is a good opportunity to observe how Korean vocabulary is employed in a natural, cohesive composition. 


Develop your writing skills and spelling with further Korean writing practice sheets.

Try to focus on forming your Hangeul characters,

learn where to use spaces in Korean and gain confidence in your writing.



The Korean Sentence Structure chapters will introduce the most common,

practical grammar structures used in Korean. Each point is explained in detail,

accompanied by plenty of examples and exercises to test yourself.




Expand your vocabulary with topic-focused Korean expressions. 



Try your hand at a Korean Crossword! Definitely a novel experience,

since it’s quite different from the English counterpart, with Korean words being structured into syllable blocks.



Become comfortable with reading and comprehending Korean texts

by studying with excerpts from familiar articles, translated into Korean. 


You will also be able to find some detachable materials such as memos, letter pages or weekly planners.



The magazine reserves a section for the cute, slice of life webcomic episodes

featuring our lovable characters: Susu, Carro and KP. 

We know studying is a tiring job sometimes, so take a break and relax your mind with some coloring pages.

Make sure to check out the promotions page as we will occasionally provide readers

with discount codes or coupons for our website-

You can choose between a monthly subscription or a one year plan that gives you a 10% discount

and My Korean Study Journal (Paperback) as a free gift. 

(160pages/ Korean Vocab Study Notebook)


(Vocab Chart, Diary Pages, Things To Do, Memo…..)
This will be sent to your address within 2 days to 2 weeks up to where you live.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to get new learning contents and insights into Korean culture delivered to you monthly for a bargain price.


How does it work?

Once you subscribe, the current month issue will automatically download.

Starting with the second month, you will receive the Monthly Workbook on the first day of each month.
The Workbook comes in a PDF format

and the link for the download will be sent via new letter
to the email address used when placing your order.

In case you fail to receive the email, please first check your spam box.

The link will be sent from the address:
In case of any troubles, feel free to contact us at


    April 9, 2021
    I'm absolutely in love with this workbook!! i haven't even finished this one yet, but i'm so excited for next month's hehe. it's very cute and colorful with lots of varying content! all of the activities are detailed and thorough, so you can tell that a lot of work + care went into this and that's something that i personally really appreciate. "soo's diary" is a section that i especially enjoyed and the vocabulary accompanying it was so helpful. it's fun, engaging, and useful! i highly recommend subscribing, you won't regret it! thank you soo, and the rest of the team!
    April 8, 2021
    It’s a really nice product !!! I’m exited for next month and what I will learn from it 😊 totally recommend it
    April 7, 2021
    I've only just started reading the workbook and already, it is phenomenal! It's beautifully written and captivating, the aesthetic is heaven, and the content is well balanced with so much effort going into it. I love that I can learn about Korea as well as the language; and even as a total noob to the language, I don't feel overwhelmed by the language lessons themselves either.
    April 6, 2021
    Love this product. It’s colorful and interesting it make learning Korean fun.
    April 5, 2021
    I love your products! It makes learning Korean colorful and fun
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