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Welcome to Soo and Carrots

This site is for PRECIOUS carrots who support Soo and wish to learn Korean. You can check Soo’s merches, textbooks, and Free learning materials here.

Korean for All

Soo’s KOREAN FOR ALL is finally officially published. You can start learning Korean with this book and Soo’s YouTube and TikTok lectures. Soo is posting videos based on this book as well as other funny cultural stuffs! It means “You can learn Korean without going to language school with way more fun!” Are you still hesitating? Check the Free Korean Alphabet Practice PDF here and start from itLearn Korean For FreeLearn Korean For Free🥕

About Soo

Soo is the mama bunny of all Carrots and teacher of all Korean learners. She started her first teaching career when she was 16. She volunteered at immigrants support center in Suwon as an assistant teacher. When she was at college, she worked as a voice actress in Innovative Language for KoreanClass101. Now as a certified lecturer, she is teaching many students all over the world.
She speaks many languages: Korean, English, Japanese and French – Fluently. And she’s learning Indonesian and Tagalog.
Her hobby is cooking, dancing, DJing and playing League of Legend.
B.A. SILS, Waseda University, Japan
FES Université Jean Moulin Lyon3, France

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Her favorite thing is teaching Korean, making Carrots happy, dancing, learning languages, cooking and DJing. Please help Soo to continue what she loves.

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