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If you are interested in Korean culture, language and beauty, you’ve come to the right place!
We have prepared an exciting and diverse range of goodies meant to bring a little part of Korea into your life.
Start your Korean learning journey with our lovingly designed textbooks and flashcards,
get access to loads of free Korean learning materials and try the famous Korean beauty products!
Our promise is that we will always do our best to provide you with useful information
as well as our support and to highlight cruelty free beauty items in order to nurture a safe and gratifying experience for our customers.
 All this and more is waiting for you at the click of a button.
From us to you, with love from Korea.

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How did Sooandcarrots come to be?

While training to become a Korean teacher, I noticed that most of the institution-made textbooks out there were not designed for self-learning.
Since taking a Korean class or attending a language school are not always readily available options for many,
I decided to write my own textbook, one that would enable learners to study Korean at their own pace.
I used all the Korean learning strategies and curriculum development knowledge I acquired
in order to make a book with detailed explanations and lessons accompanied by free videos,
so that learners may feel as if they were studying with a tutor, like in an actual Korean class.
Alongside the language, I wanted to bring Korea closer to you in yet another way -introducing the amazing world of K-beauty.
I’ve always been interested in skin care and beauty, with the ultimate goal of self-care.
Before launching this new venture, I dilligently studied the many products available on the market, checking ingredients and domestic reviews.
I really wanted to curate a collection of what are considered the best quality and trendiest Korean beauty items.
As much as possible, I tried highlighting cruelty-free products.
I am Soo and the Carrots are all of you amazing, hardworking Korean learners and Korea enthusiasts!

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