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  • E-Book Password: youcandoit

  • These E-books are written by Soo, an internationally well-known Korean teacher. It is the perfect choice for self-studying beginners who cannot go to a language school. With Soo’s free video lessons based on this book, you can easily master basic Korean grammar, vocabulary, Hangeul (The Korean alphabet) and conversations. This book includes a lot of fun reading material about Korean culture and detailed, practical learning content.

  • 3 files are provided: 1. Korean For All 2. Korean Writing For All 3. Password Image

  • Free Lessons based on this book: https://youtu.be/cFfJNWqbemo Youtube / TikTok: Soo Korean

  • Printable Soo and Carrots Diary Full Set (Both Blossom and Sky Versions)!

    300 DPI CMYK / High Resolution

    4 zip files are provided : PDF/ PNG for Each Versions

(Fillable PDF is also provided for Reward Chart so that you can edit the list)
(As you can check in the description, Memo and Letter Pages are the SAME for both versions!)
(Fillable PDF is also provided for Reward Chart so that you can edit the list)
(As you can check in the description, Memo and Letter Pages are the SAME for both versions!)
Is this your first time learning Korean?
Are you fascinated by/interested in K-Pop, K-Food and K-Culture?
From the Korean alphabet to basic grammar, reading materials about Korean culture and quizzes to test your knowledge,
the Korean for All textbook has it all!
If you wish to be able to communicate with Koreans (to any degree), Korean for All serves as a guide for the first steps to getting to know Korean language and culture.








Korean Writing for All has been devised as a companion textbook to Korean for All with the purpose of aiding Korean language learners develop their writing skills.

Once you gain some confidence in basic conversation in Korean, you can proceed to the next level and step up your game.






Study Together with our Printable Diary!
Journal Pages, Vocabulary Sheets, Fillable Reward Chart,  Monthly Planner,
Weekly To-Do list, Memos and Letter Pages.
Download them straight onto your computer,
print out and enjoy organizing your time and activities.




BIG News!!

We have our own app now! 

Join us over on Soo House- the one stop platform for all things Korea: Language, Travel, Information/Contents, Culture, Community.

Practice and level up your Korean. 
Engage with valuable content in a community that shares your interests.
Browse our suggestions and book your next trip to Korea.
Stay informed about living and working in Korea. 

Available to download on the Appstore and GooglePlay



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