Remarried Empress

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Navier has always dreamed of being the empress of the Eastern Empire.

When she marries her childhood friend, Sovieshu, her dream comes true.

Navier proves to be a perfect ruler in every way- brave, astute, socially adept and kind to her subjects  

Although Navier is a devoted wife, content with her royal duties,

her husband, wishes for something more.

He ends up bringing home a former slave called Rashta as his mistress

and asking Navier for a divorce.

This is where it gets interesting:

Navier agrees to the divorce with the condition that she is allowed to remarry.

She remarries the emperor of the Western Empire, Heinrey who manages to win her heart. 

Follow along the political intrigue and personal dramas that unfold between these four main characters. The stakes are high and Navier will always try to do her duty as the empress. 

First, a popular web novel created by Alphaart and published by Naver,

the series became a webcomic, available on Line Webtoon and illustrated by Sumpul.


    Remarried Empress photo review
    April 21, 2021
    I've read the English translation online and it's one of my all time favourite manwha so when I saw the physical copies on here I absolutely had to get them. They are gorgeous, super high quality and having them has motivated me to practice Korean even more so I can actually read them ????
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