10 Korean Words From English

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Free Video Lesson: https://youtu.be/v2j07jDJsoA
안녕하세요, 여러분! Hello everyone! Today I will learn about some very interesting Korean words!
Have you ever heard the sound of English words in Korean while learning Korean? Yes that’s right! We use a variety of English words in the Korean language too! 

Although Korean might be ranked as one of the more difficult languages to learn by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), it is by no means impossible. So don't worry about the “hours” it takes to learn Korean. You can learn Korean fast — and you may even already know more Korean than you think!

These words are originally from English, and we call these words loanwords, in Korean it is 외래어. There are many other 외래어 from other foreign languages too, such as French, German, Spanish… but today we are going to learn 외래어 from English. 

The Korean pronunciation of loanwords is sometimes a little different from their original pronunciation. I guess these loanwords are easy to understand and remember for English speakers, because they sound almost similar to that word’s original pronunciation. 

Then let’s learn 10 loanwords now! 

  1. 키스
    The meaning of 키스 is just kiss! mwha. Haha let’s see an example! 

너 정국 키스 신 봤어? Did you see Jungkook’s kiss scene in the music video?
당연히 봤지. 완전 설레더라! Of course. He gives me butterflies! 

  1. /

펜 means pen, and 팬 means fan. In English, there is a distinction between the sound p and f, but there is no f sound in Korean. These two words are pronounced almost as the same sound, as 펜/팬. So you have to be careful in writing. 

펜 좀 빌려줄 수 있어? Can I use your pen? . Of course. 

이 뮤직 비디오 같이 볼래? Would you like to watch this music video together? 

그래! Sure!
… After watching …
.. 완전 멋있네? 이제 나 정국 팬이야. Oh my god. I crushed on him. I’m a Jungkook fan from today. 

  1. 와인
    The meaning of 와인 is wine. 

취업 축하해! 오늘 저녁에 와인 마실까? Congratulations on your job! Shall we celebrate with wine this evening?
Thank you so much. 

  1. 게임
    게임 means game, usually computer game and mobile game. 

, 한국 사람들은 왜 이렇게 게임을 잘하는 거야? Dude, why are Koreans so good at games?
그러니까 I know 

  1. 시소
    Do you know the seesaw, the recreational equipment that you can see on 

the playground? In Korean we call it 시소. 

우와 시소가 있네. 우리 시소 탈까? Wow there is a seesaw. Do you want to play on the seesaw?
너 몇 살이냐? Are you seven years old? 

  1. 메뉴
    Actually the origin of the word menu is from French. Anyway menu is 메뉴

in Korean. 

여기, 메뉴 볼 수 있어요? Hello, can I get a menu? 여기요. Here you go. 

  1. 카드
    The meaning of 카드 is card. 카드 can be a credit card, or it can be a card 

for writing letters just like English. 

카드로 결제할 수 있나요? Can I pay by card? . Yes! 

크리스마스 카드 샀어? Did you buy a Christmas card?
아직. 같이 사러 갈까? Not yet. Do you want to go get one together? 

  1. 쇼핑
    Who doesn’t like shopping! In Korean, shopping is 쇼핑. 

쇼핑하러 갈래? Do you want to go shopping? 아니. 나 돈 모아야 해. No. I have to save money. 

  1. 샤워
    샤워 means shower, the act of washing yourself by standing under a spray 

of water. However, shower, the piped device is called 샤워기. 오, 너 향기 좋다! Oh, you smell so good! 

방금 샤워했거든 ᄒᄒ I just took a shower haha 10. 바나나
Final word for today! 바나나 means banana.
뭐 마셔? What do you drink? 

바나나 스무디! Banana smoothie!
Smoothie is also pronounced as 스무디!



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