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-This Video’s Level: Intermediate https://youtu.be/LAHNnIxVAtg

Hello everyone! I’m sure you’ve already heard the BTS version of Savage Love! In case you don’t know, they collaborated with Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685, and added Korean verses to Savage Love. So today we are going to find out what the Korean lyrics mean! Let’s start right away!! 


  1. 사랑이란 어쩌면 순간의 감정의 나열

“love” is perhaps a momentary array of emotions 


어쩌면 / 설마 / 혹시 / 아마도 these four words have similar meanings. All of these words have the meaning of possibility! The meaning of 어쩌면 is “perhaps”. Now, let’s learn the meaning of 어쩌면 through example sentence!


어쩌면, 그럴지도 몰라! Perhaps it might be like that. 


  1. 조건이 다들 붙지
    it all comes with conditions  


The meaning of 조건 is condition. 붙다 means to stick to, to be attached to. 붙다 can be used in various ways, such as when something is physically attached and does not fall off, or when passing an exam in Korean we say 시험에 붙다. In this line from the song 붙다 is used as something attached to or added to. Let’s learn 붙다 through examples.


시험에 붙었어

Passed the exam! 


우리 강아지는 항상 나한테 붙어 있어! My dog follows me everywhere!


  1. 난 뭘 사랑하는가

what do I love 


The word 뭘 is a shortened word from “무엇” which means “what”. 무엇 can be shortened as 뭘 or 뭐. The word 무엇 is definitely a must-know Korean word. I’ll give you some examples right away!


뭐 해? What are you doing? / Whats up? 


뭘 봐? What are you looking at? (It can seem very aggressive.)


  1. 영원이라는 말은

the word “eternity” is 


The word 영원 has the meaning of “eternity”. 영원히 means forever, for eternal time. 영원히 is based on the adjective 영원하다 which means  eternal and everlasting. This word sounds seriously poetic and literary style. 


영원히 사랑해! I love you forever! 


  1. 어쩌면 모래성

perhaps a sandcastle


We already learned “어쩌면” from the beginning. The meaning of 모래성 is sand castle. 모래 means sand and 성 means castle. 


  1. 잔잔한 파도 앞에

in front of a calm wave

파도 means wave. The meaning of 잔잔한 is to be calm or quiet. 잔잔하다 can used for a wave, wind, or sound. When you want to say someone is calm, you have to use “차분하다”. Let’s find out the meaning by comparing through example sentences.


날씨 정말 좋다. 바람도 잔잔해. Todays weather is so good. Even the wind is calm.


넌 항상 차분해. You are always calm in any situation.


  1. 힘없이 무너져

collapsing helplessly


힘없다 means there is no more strength at all, or the body is weak. 


오늘 힘이 하나도 없네. I dont have any energy today ☹ 


  1. 내가 두려운 게

whether I am afraid of is


The meaning of 두렵다 is to fear. “게” is the shortened word of “것이”. So 두려운 게 means “something to be scared of”, “something to be afraid of”. Here is an example: 


저는 두려운 게 없어요. Im not scared of anything.


  1. 그대이든 그때이든

you or then


그대 means “you”, and 그때 means “that time”. Be careful, the sounds may be similar but the meanings are totally different.

-이든 and 든 means “or”. These are used when you have to choose among things. ‘든’ is used when the word is finished with vowel, and 이든 is used when last letter is a consonant, 받침. 


쿠키든 사탕이든 하나 골라. Pick one, cookie or candy. 


  1. 불같이 사랑할래 그댈 지금

I want to love like fire, you right now


The word -같이 has the meaning of “like something” and 불 means fire. So 불같이 means “like fire”. 

같이 is from the Korean adjective “같다” which means same, exact. 같이 can be used to describe something similar. Here comes the example:


오늘 정국이같이 보이네? ㅎㅎ You look like Jungkook today lol



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