Kakao Friends Story Book (4 Volumes)

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Kakao Friends Story Books- 4 Volumes:


A Peach-Heart Needs Bottom

Kakao Friends meets Arte’s Essay. Kakao Friends’ cute troublemaker Apeach meets troublemaker writer Seo-Gyul who is talented in making people cry and laugh.

It’s okay for our hearts to fall like bam? because our hearts have a bottom!


Sometimes you feel bad all day long because your friend says something thoughtless to you. Sometimes you feel heartbroken when you look back on some memories. Some nights your heart gets cold because the world doesn’t give you the attention you deserve. 

 The combination of Apeach who is full of pink & optimistic vibes and Seo-Gyul who is a sweet and a refreshing presence brings us joy beyond our imagination. This book sheds the lights on our dark sides. And we can look back on ourselves, think about love, youth, and life.

Pages: 216

Size: 132 * 186 * 19mm

Weight: 298g

Language: Korean


Ryan-Stand By Me


Sometimes we turn around without saying anything to the person you like. Sometimes we should hide what we really feel. Sometimes it feels like there’s no one on our side.

For those days, the most beloved character Ryan and the author Jeon Seung-Hwan who has 1M followers bring heart warming stories in one book as a gift.

Regardless of age and gender, adults and children draw comfort from Ryan who seems unfriendly and blunt with his small, blinking eyes. Because he seems to see the feelings that no one understands.

When you read this book, you will feel like Ryan is on your side in many ways. Best selling writer Jeon Seung-Hwan has comforted a lot of readers by delivering inspiring messages.

Pages: 264

Size: 130*185*20mm

Weight: 350g

Language: Korean

Tube- I Decide For Myself Whether To Cheer Up or Not 

Tube who is timid but hard not to love and New wave poet Ha Sang-Wook who flies among social media bring joy to your heart!

When we say ‘stay strong’ and we don’t actually mean it, sometimes it has the same effect as ‘be patient’. When you don’t express your feelings and you dwell on them in your mind, you end up feeling terrible. 

Sometimes you need someone who just stands by you without saying anything. What you need is the people who will always be on your side. 

Writer Ha Sang-Wook, who uses humor as a means to relieve frustration, and Tube, who is very honest with his feelings, team up to be there for you.

Pages: 256

Size: 130*185mm

Weight: 349g

Language: Korean

Muzi-I'm Most Comfortable When I'm Me

You know what? Muzi is actually a danmuji (sweet pickled radish)! Muzi hides what he is behind playful expressions but he is very shy and cute without his rabbit costume.


The author Two Ego is famous for his comforting style. He writes an essay to offer support to the people who can’t express their feelings when they’re tired. That’s why he’s beloved by over 130K followers. Essay writer Two Ego and Muzi extend their hands to readers as if they’re already old friends.


After a long day, we all want to be ourselves. We sigh with relief when we take off our shoes on the porch and feel relaxed when we change our clothes. Isn’t this what we all want at the end of a long and tiring day?

Next to Muzi sleeping soundly, Two Ego says that we get the strength to start another day as our true selves, apart from the World’s attention.

Pages: 216


Weight: 297g

Language: Korean


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