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5 Expressions from BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girl 

Hello everyone! Last time we learned Korean expressions from the lyrics of Savage Love by BTS. Today we will learn Korean expressions from the lyrics of BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls! BLACKPINK’s new song has more than 270 million views! WOW! I know!! Let’s start! 

  1. 영원한 밤

A night that lasts forever

The word “밤” means night, and we already learned 영원하다 last time. Do you remember? Yes! 영원하다 means forever. 

Then, let’s check out another expression of 밤 through an example.

조금 피곤하네. 자야겠다.  I feel tired now. I gotta go to sleep now. 

굿밤! Good night! 

“굿밤” is a slang expression used by young people. It is a combination of the English word “good” and the Korean word 밤. So the meaning of 굿밤 is “good night”! 

영원하다 is an adjective, and 영원히 is an adverb. 영원히 means eternally and everlastingly. 영원 is a noun, it has the meaning of eternity. All of these words sound very poetic.

영원히 살고 싶어요!

I want to live eternally 

Let’s look at another Korean expression that has the meaning of forever. The word 평생 means whole life, it can be used in a similar sense to 영원. Korean people use 평생 with the meaning of ‘for my whole life’, usually in a casual conversation, so they use 평생 more often than 영원히. Let’s see an example:

평생 나의 강아지와 함께 살고 싶어. 

I want to live with my dog forever.

  1. 매번 아파도 외치는 love

The love I long for every time even though it hurts me 

The meaning of 매번 is every time. Here, we will compare three words that have similar meanings: 매번, 항상, 늘. In general, these three words all have the meaning of “always”, but the nuance is slightly different.

매번 can be used in a situation when the same event is repeated over and over again.

매번: every time

너는 왜 매번 지각하니

Why are you late to class every time?

항상 is used when something happens all the time, without any change.

항상: always, all the time

저는 항상 집에 가고 싶어요

I always want to go home.

늘 is a native Korean language term, while 항상 is from the Chinese character. So 늘 is interchangeable with 항상.

: invariably, all the time

늘 너를 사랑할게

I will always love you!

Now can you tell the difference between these three words? Yes, you are correct!

Let’s proceed to the next word, the word 아프다 can be used when you are physically and emotionally ill or sick.

미안, 나 너무 아파서 오늘 못 놀 것 같아.

I’m sorry, I can’t hang out today. I’m sick.

마음이 너무 아파.

My heart hurts so much.

  1. 어차피 떠나면 상처 투성인 채로 미워하게 될걸

Either way, if I leave, I’ll hate you in my pained state 

어차피 means “anyway” or “either way”. I think you have probably heard this word more than once! Korean people use this expression very often. While the meaning is fairly easy to grasp, it can still be a tricky word. 어차피 can be defined as “it doesn’t matter if you do this or that, if this happens or if that happens – the result or the situation is, after all, the same.” Also, 어차피 is usually used with a negative meaning. 

너 어차피 늦었으니 그냥 천천히 와.

Even if you hurry up now, you are already very late, so just take your time.

어차피 내가 할 수 있는게 아니야. 

It’s so obvious. I can’t do it.

  1. 끝장을 보기 전 끝낼 순 없어

We can’t end it before we take this to the end

The meaning of 끝장 is that something completely ended, was finished or destroyed. This word is derived from the verb 끝내다, which means to end. But the meaning of 끝장 is more intense and strong and can be used in 3 situations. First, you can use 끝장 when something is completely done. Second, it is also used when the original state of something is destroyed and has disappeared. Third, sometimes you can use 끝장 to describe something amazing or awesome. Let’s learn the meaning of 끝장 through example sentences:

우리 관계는 끝장 났어

Our relationship is over.

여기 음식 끝장이다

The food here is amazing!

  1. 네 멋대로 내 사랑을 끝낼 순 없어

You can’t just end my love by yourself

멋대로 means, basically, “ok, do whatever you want, I’m done arguing”. So when someone says something and you disagree, you can say “멋대로” to indicate sarcasm. If you translate 멋대로 literally into English, it can be translated as “suit yourself”. 

아직도 나한테 화났어?  Are you still mad at me?

얘기하고 싶지 않은데. I don’t want to talk to you

네 멋대로 해. Suit yourself.

빨간 드레스가 예뻐? 아님 파란 드레스? Is the red dress pretty? Or the blue dress is pretty?

파란 드레스가 너한테 잘 어울리는거 같은데? I think the blue dress looks good on you.

빨간색은 별로야? How about the red dress?

헐 멋대로 해. Ugh, suit yourself.



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