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The moment you use your first Korean word card is all the more special. 
The S&C Friends Flashcards feature 300 basic Korean words (nouns, verbs and adjectives) you need to know in order to communicate in Korean. 
The cards are based on the words in the Korean for All textbook.
Purchasing the textbook and studying along with the flashcards would be the most efficient way to study Korean. 



The S&C Friends Flashcards are meant to improve your vocabulary, comprehension and ability to express yourself in Korean.
For an effective way to study, memorize the terms on the front of the cards.
Through repetition and by associating the words with the illustrations, you’re bound to see progress.
The front of the card introduces the Korean term, while the back of the card has the English translation with the corresponding illustration.
Each character features different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives).



Each set also includes 8 blank cards.
These can be customized according to your desire, you can draw, write or print on them. 



Sometimes, it can be more convenient to carry the cards with you, rather than a book.
Their small size and appealing design makes it easy for children to use as well. You can start learning at any age.
The cards come in a box to keep them safe and easy to handle. 



Features of the S&C Friends Flashcards:
You might be asking yourself why you would need to use flashcards. 
Flashcards are incredibly versatile learning tools.
By making use of our ability to retain vocabulary when linked to a visual stimulation (such as a picture),
the cards become an essential aid to your learning process. 
They are a must-have item that can be used from the very beginning of your Korean learning journey up until communication becomes possible. 



Why are flashcards helpful for learning?
By looking on the front side of the flashcard and attempting to guess the meaning of the term, you will be able to better understand the concept. Through the repetition of these actions, your memory is jogged which facilitates retention of vocabulary .
Easier than using a book, you can simply divide the cards into groups and study the necessary terms at any time. 



Simple flashcards:
The flashcards are kept simple. Long explanations are taken away and only the essential information is included.
The card has rounded corners and is coated on both sides for safety and durability. 



Various colors and illustrations:
Bright colors are used to reduce eye strain and the high-quality illustrations complete the package.
* Easy to store and carry!
The cards featuring verbs, nouns & adjectives are distinguishable according to the character drawn at the bottom center of the card.
Even if the cards are mixed, there are immediately identifiable. 
Easy to organize, store and carry, you can bring them with you anywhere!


How to use the flashcards:
Draw cards randomly to create a simple story and share the story with other friends. 
Write and categorize topics such as animals/food and try to classify them correctly.
You can also play Games (like in Halli Galli Style/ Blitz Game style)



Flashcard basic information
58*88, 300pcs (100 each) (100+8 blank cards)
Susu noun
Carro noun2
KP Verb & Adjective
Review from Celebs:
My Asia: https://youtu.be/ZfcOMrFSWOQ
Hamin: https://youtu.be/SKws09XQCHk


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Harriet K.
United States
I recommend this product

Cute aesthetic, but room for improvement

I like the cute, minimalist aesthetic of the flash cards. The only minor thing that I don’t like so much is the font. As a beginner, it’s a bit confusing sometimes what the Korean word is because the font looks squished together. When I first studied Hangeul, there’s always some bit of space between characters when put together to create a word. This font doesn’t do that. I have a hard time differentiating between ㄴ and Dipthongs. Other than that, I like how you have a photo on one side and the word on the other side. Thank you!

Teresa K.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Ease of use

Cards are portable. The English and image are on one side, with the korean on another, so learning is not hampered. Colours and visuals really add to the experience. One of the best flashcard options in the market.

Wendy N.
United States United States

I love these!

So cute and useful! These come in really handy when trying to practice sentences on my own. I love how these are integrated into the 100 days grammar challenge videos.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Absolutely Perfect!!

These flashcards are just absolutely perfect! The cards in the sets are easy to identify as they are aligned with a particular S&C Friend, have picture associations to help you learn the words more quickly, have extra blank cards so you can make you own, are a perfect size to take with you, and all the other excellent qualities as outlined in the Product Details, but they are also super fun to use! For me they are excellent as I am learning Korean on my own and don't have scheduled classes. On some days I don't have as much time to spend on learning (though I try my best to at least get a few minutes in each day), and that's what I like about these Soo & Carrots Friends Flashcards. I can take a few words out of the decks to add to my "stack" as needed, and am not pressured to complete a set number of new words each day as with most digital flashcard decks. It's also very easy to pick which cards out of the decks that I would like to learn first based on relevancy and personal interests, which in turn builds confidence and an eagerness to continue. My hopes are to one day visit the Republic of Korea and be able to effectively communicate with people there in the Korean language, and these flashcards along with other Soo & Carrots products are helping me attain that goal! Thank you so much!!


So Helpful!!

These flashcards sets are a must-need to memorize korean vocabulary, mostly if you study the language on your own, just like me. I love how I can keep up with what I know while having fun! The designs are really cute, and the blank cards are also very interesting. Also, the size of cards is very practical, you can take them with you to study outside!! Thank you for shipping to France!

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